Want a Japanese garden, but don't know if your garden is right for the project? Learn more about the space requirements of Japanese gardens.

Japanese gardens are designed to be calm and relaxing gardens with a combination of flowering plants, simple ornaments, water and clean spaces. The style of beautiful and tidy-looking Japanese plants is a popular choice for busy people who want a low-maintenance garden, but also want their outdoor spaces to be pleasantly beautiful.

Space requirements of the Japanese garden

If space in your garden is limited, you don’t have to give up the illusion of a beautiful garden either. A Japanese garden can be perfectly integrated into your ideas. Traditional Japanese flowering plants are often bordered by asphalted, gravelly, or mossy areas, nicely separated from other characteristic decorative elements and symbols of Japanese gardens.

Classic Japanese garden

Ornamental trees and ornamental shrubs are classic elements in Japanese gardens, but the use of bold and strikingly colored flowering plants is equally important. The best way to plant them is to plant each variety in small groups, even in small beds or flower pots, well distributed and separated.

If you want a Japanese garden…

Are you interested in Japanese gardens? Have you already decided on a garden renovation project? Then take some advice from us. Designing and building a Japanese garden is a time and energy consuming project. If you want your Japanese garden to really paint the way you dreamed, be sure to ask a professional for help. If you have any questions, contact us with confidence, we are at your disposal!


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