Get to know some of the typical flowers of Japanese gardens!

Roscoea cautlyoides and Roscoea purpurea are grassy, ​​vertical foliage plants growing in beautiful nodules. These flowers are extremely hardy, making them feel perfect indoors, in a rock garden, among ornamental trees or shrubs, and also in patio pots. With stunning orchid-like flowers, it blends perfectly with the style of Japanese gardens, providing eye-catching color splendor throughout the summer and fall as well.

Spider lily

Lycoris radiata and Lycoris aurea (also known as spider lilies) are traditional Japanese plants. In summer, they attract attention with stunning, bright blooms, creating an outstanding color splendor that blends well between ornamental trees and shrubs. The spider lily loves hot, sheltered and sunny places in the garden. He is not afraid of stony areas either, he is also able to splurge there.


Some delicate details complement the Japanese garden perfectly, what better way to present these details than a beautiful egret, Some say it resembles a bird of paradise. The spectacular flowers of this delicate white plant flutter gently in the breeze from early to mid-summer. The big advantage is that it can be grown all year round outdoors.

Japanese orchid

Japanese orchid or hyacinth orchid is a native plant of Japan, ideal for growing in secluded areas of the Japanese garden, where their beautiful orchid flowers provide an elegant appearance in spring and early summer. Despite its delicate appearance, it is very tough, it can withstand temperatures of -10 ° C even, so you don’t have to worry about protecting it during the winter months.


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