Flowers of Japanese gardens

  • Characteristics of Japanese gardens

    The Japanese garden is a garden built in the Japanese style, the aim of which is to delight and reflect at the same time, to be a peaceful, calm place for deepening and meditation. Its less spiritual purpose is to present interestingly shaped stones, rare plant species.

  • The beautiful flower in Japanese gardens

    The beautifully blooming cherry blossoms are almost automatically associated with Japan and the unique Japanese gardens.

  • The typical flowers of Japanese gardens

    Get to know some of the typical flowers of Japanese gardens!

  • Types of Japanese gardens

    There are several types of Japanese gardens in Japan, although it should be noted that the different styles are not mutually exclusive at all.

  • Walking in the Japanese garden

    When Buddhist monks from China arrived in Japan, they brought with them the concept of designing gardens to display elements of the Earth and the forces of nature.