Beautiful Japanese garden

  • 4 Japanese gardens in Hungary that would be a shame to miss

    If you would like to admire the wonderful flora, get to know another culture, and want to relax a bit after the noise of the city center, feel free to visit a Japanese garden!

  • 4 popular Japanese gardens in Japan

    The Japanese garden seeks to convey the love of nature, along with the naturalness of human contemplation. It has been an important part of Japanese arts for more than 1,000 years.

  • Japanese Garden in Szentendre

    Just like the basic colors on the painting palette, Japanese garden designers will see the plant, the empty space, the rock, the water, the gravel, the lantern, the „bubbling”, the waterfall.

  • Japanese rock gardens

    Have you ever walked in a real Japanese rock garden? If you haven’t already, meet this unique representative of Japanese gardens!

  • Japanese tea gardens

    If we hadn’t even been to a real Japanese tea garden, we could have met one or two on the movie screens. But what are these beautiful gardens really for?

  • Japanese tea gardens

    The best-known pieces of these catchments are usually found in front of Japanese shrines, but can also be found in Japanese tea gardens.

  • The beautiful flower in Japanese gardens

    The beautifully blooming cherry blossoms are almost automatically associated with Japan and the unique Japanese gardens.

  • The moss of Japanese gardens

    Mosses hit their heads in virtually every type of garden over time, there are garden owners who are also specifically bothered by the presence of these little plants.

  • The structure of Japanese gardens

    Get to know the structure of Japanese gardens better!

  • The tradition and history of the Japanese garden

    Due to their unique style, Japanese gardens are popular all over the world, we can visit many parts of the world, even Hungary if we want tranquility and recharge.

  • Traditional Japanese gardens

    The house, the tea house and the possible lookout building form a unit with the garden.

  • Types of Japanese gardens

    There are several types of Japanese gardens in Japan, although it should be noted that the different styles are not mutually exclusive at all.

  • Walking in Hanami Garden

    We walk in one of the hidden, small streets of Szentendre, catching up on the steep road, we hardly notice the bamboos leaning in the wind above the fence.

  • Walking in the Japanese garden

    When Buddhist monks from China arrived in Japan, they brought with them the concept of designing gardens to display elements of the Earth and the forces of nature.